Luca Carati

A little over 20 years ago, a new name appeared in the jewellery world – Luca Carati This Italian brand combines the work of creative designers and a small jewellery factory with 30 years of experience, located in Valenza. Luca Carati’s work is characterised by special care, elegance, a balance between classic and modern styles and, of course, the indispensable role of the magnificent diamonds. Luca Carati’s jewellery can be found in the most prestigious exhibitions in Basel, New York, Hong Kong, etc.

In addition to his world-famous limited collections, Luca Carati is also known for making jewellery for aristocratic families in Japan and the Arab Emirates, as well as supplying jewellery to the Royal House of Bahrain.

Dimants has been working with Luca Carati since 2011.