Gianni Lazzaro

The well-known jewellery house Gianni Lazzaro was created by artist Gianni Lazzaro. The pieces created by this great craftsman would be rattling to wear from morning to night, all the more so because they are made for it. Gianni Lazzaro rings, brooches and earrings are original and fit for every situation.

“We are based on the classics,” Gianni Lazaro always emphasises the concept of the company. “Our brand combines the essentials: quality materials, sophisticated geometric design, strong shapes, lightness and at the same time subtlety and consistent intelligence.”

Gianni Lazzaro‘s hallmark is the perfect harmony between classic and fashion. “Gianni Lazzaro is produced exclusively in Germany and only by hand. Today, Gianni Lazzaro is delighting customers with rose gold pieces that perfectly match cognac and chocolate-coloured diamonds – stones that seduce with their “delicious” hues.

Dimants has been working with Gianni Lazzaro since 1994.